Technology to Improve Classroom Learning

It is extremely important that we check and improve the quality of the education that is being imparted and the way the students are being moulded for tomorrow. This is why Maryland Technology Academy has become so popular recently.

What is the Objective of the Academy

The objective of the Maryland Technology Academy is to empower the educators of the country with technology and show them how to leverage new tools and technologies to improve the quality of the education in the classroom. The academy:

  • Conducts a 3-week Summer Institute for teachers, librarians, and educators.
  • Organizes a 2-day symposium for school administrators.
Technology to Improve Classroom Learning

Thus, the academy is not only striving to leverage technology in classrooms but also in school administration.

During the summer institute program, the educators and teachers learn how to:

  • Use technology in classroom, especially in project-based learning so that the classes are more constructive and immersive for the students.
  • Use technology to design and plan student learning activities. This will in turn support the Maryland Learning Outcomes and Core Learning Goals.
  • Use technology to track the progress of students, identify the gaps in learning, and design improvements that yield substantial results.
  • Use their experience with technology to encourage their colleagues to use it in their own classroom approach.

Technology to Improve Classroom Learning

Educating the Educators

Since technology has different implications for teachers, librarians, and school administrators, it is important to guide them through it. So different types of programs are designed for each one of them keeping in mind their requirements and the extent of their use of technology. During these programs the participants engage in:

  • Learning more about the other cases where technology implementation in classroom learning has made real difference.
  • Discussing the research and best practices of technology implementation in schools.
  • Exploring the possibilities of technologies that can be used in their particular classroom and the course that they teach.
  • Prepare and present a project on using technology in their classroom.
  • Discuss the projects presented by other participants and analyse them for positive takeaways.
  • Participate in focus group type discussions with experts in the field.
  • Prepare a comprehensive plan for integrating technology in their school and get it evaluated by the experts.


Just like any other segment of our economy, even education needs to move forward and adapt to the changes. Technology has already revolutionized so many sectors. It is time we unleash its potential in education system to make brighter future.